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Now in these days nobody can claim that he/she is not familiar with Google. Google which is an American based company. It is specialized in internet related services and products which is most famous as well as favorite one around the globe. Online advertising technologies, cloud computing, software, hardware and search engine all are the common features of Google. Now, Google owns android operating system which is known as the most popular Smartphone around the world. Google is paying its best in launching best smart phones that can compete with all other popular running smart phone devices in the world. 

We know that it is the fast moving world in which we are breathing. To such an extent the competition in technology is rising that the technology becomes old on the day of its launching. When we see the latest invention in technology the alternative one takes it head on to compete this. Now, smart phones are coming with the features of fingerprint sensors and even with the face detector sensors. Fast moving android operating system with dual cameras and huge display screen are coming to rule on the users. Google recently launched its best smart devices that are quite similar with these features.

The last smart phone launched by Google was Google Pixel 3 XL. In 2018 the device introduced and it is still ruling on the users. 9.0 Android operating system this smart phone shows. The best quality camera that you can compare with the smart cameras of any other smart device has seen through this smart phone. 12.2 megapixel back camera and 8n megapixel front camera presented the device a flagship one smart device of Google. In 2019, Google readies to launch some more exceptional features for which people are expecting to experience. Google knows the demand of the people. To fulfill the demand of the people Google has provided such services in the field of internet that people can never neglect all the time.

What potential features users have to experience through a smart device, Google knows better. So, be ready to experience the latest features through Google mobiles that you never ever experience before but you are looking for them. Here at you can find all the latest mobile phones by Google. Moreover, Google mobile phone prices in UK with regular updates users can find all the time. 

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