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A Legal Argument Huawei Makes Against Verizon For Unauthorized Patent Use

A legal claim has done by Huawei against Verizon to eastern western District Courts for unauthorized Huawei patent use by Verizon. The accusations against the carrier comprised of the unauthorized use of 12 Huawei mobile phone used for the purpose of computer networking, download security, and video services.

A statement comes to see from Huawei’s Chief Legal Officer, Dr. Song Liuping, according to which Verizon has used the results or end products of many years’ research and development made by Huawei. He also stated that the reason behind this claim is to get the desired payment and to recognize the hard work of the company. 

Several meeting have been done between Huawei and Verizon since the last February, but it seems that the meetings couldn’t reach to the satisfied consensus In Dr.Song, in a Huawei’s press release, also states that Huawei tried its best to get to an agreement, but when the attempts seemed vain, the only choice left behind which is to resort to court action. From a source, it came to see that there are almost 6 meetings have done between Huawei and Verizon the chief subject of which are the 200 patents of Huawei. But, Huawei decided to go to court only for 12 patents. This is because; these 12 patents are the most important ones and have more evidence to back them up. 

Huawei shares that the action is not only against advancement and expertise. Huawei said that these actions are necessary to bring innovation, but they also believe in the protection of intellectual rights. Huawei declared that for its patent licenses, since 2015, more than $1.4 billion Huawei has earned. From this amount of over $6 billion, Huawei has paid to the companies or sources from which Huawei has developed the technologies. Huawei said that out of this paid amount 80% had paid to the companies belong to the US. 

Well, this is not the first time comes to see that Huawei filed a lawsuit against the US, but time and again the cases come to see in different visages. According to a report of last December, a petition against the decision of FCC (the Federal Communications Commission) was submitted by Huawei. The decision was to ban Huawei products as a security threat. Moreover, it has become prevented to buy Huawei mobile phones in the rural areas of the US. 

The claim has submitted against Verizon but there are no consequences of this action have come to see yet. But, whatever the decision would come to see we would share it with the users as soon as the decision would declare. However, Huawei is also ready to launch its flagship device at the beginning of 2020. Huawei has done all the manufacturing actions and in March 2020 it will come with its latest flagship device Huawei P40. After the official announcement of this mobile phone users will be able to get all the specs here at mobilecorner.