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After Getting Ban of Huawei, Chinese Ambassador Trolls Trump and Apple Brilliantly

The clash between the United States and Huawei is becoming vulgar day after day. Donald Trump, the president of the United States has personally involved in this matter. It is seeing that the brawl is getting even worse.

In the tech circles, the ban of Huawei has raised many eyebrows, over the weekend. And it has become the common topic of discussion even in the towns, from recent days. A day ago, the Chinese Ambassador, Lijian Zhao, showed a statement on Twitter in which he did troll the likes of Trump and Apple, which is the tech Giant of US.

The statement is stated as:

“It has been just revealed why @realDonaldTrump hated a private company from China so much that it went so far by announcing a national emergency. Look at the logo of Huawei. It has cut APPLE into pieces.”




This is all he gave in the response of the hate of the US with the Chinese tech giant Huawei. All this is showing what Huawei is and what it can do in the future. Huawei is actually the mobile phone brand which is rising up with its speedy wings. According to a report in 2018, Huawei has become the 2nd largest mobile phone brand of the world and it was also beating Apple by a huge margin in recent times.

It is not just enough, instead of this, The Chinese ambassador has also revealed the side by side comparison of Huawei products with Apple products. He said, in the future, the Huawei products would beat Apple products. However, the users are to inform that Google is not personally involved in this war with Huawei, a Chinese tech giant.

The reports are saying that the relation between Huawei and the US was normal and both of the companies are working with each other for a long time ago. Google has forced to ban the services to Huawei and Google under the laws of the United States is doing such activity. 

What would the further reactions of Huawei against this ban? Would the relation between US and Huawei be better in the future or will be worst? No idea can take. But from the above-mentioned facts and the rumors that are coming from the tech markets are saying that the relation is going uglier day after day.

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