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Apple Is Going to Introduce the Cheapest iPhone in 2020

Apple has recently announced that it is working to manufacture the new handset, iPhone SE2 and at the beginning of 2020, it is going to be released. Every year, Apple comes with features that can never be beaten by any other mobile phone company. This time Apple is also coming with the unique idea that it is offering a smaller phone, a sequel of Apple iPhone SE which was released in 2016. 

The mobile phone with the improved specs of Apple iPhone SE would come to see in 2020. However, following are the details of the specs which is showing that what we are expecting and what we are actually going to get from Apple in 2019:

Design of Apple iPhone SE 2

It is expecting that the design would be similar to the design of Apple iPhone Se. However, it is rumoring that SE 2 would be more similar to Apple iPhone 8. The body is designed in polished steel and the backside of the phone is covered with frosted glass same as Apple iPhone 11 Pro. The fairly hefty bezel would come to see at both of the sides i.e. top and bottom side.

Display of Apple iPhone SE 2

Apple iPhone SE 2 is coming with 4.7 inches large display. LD panel is used to complete the screen. The resolution of 750 x 1334 has set for this model. The 326ppi retina display is used that we first experienced in Apple iPhone 5.

The camera of Apple iPhone SE 2

Single-camera is used for this device. There are no exact specs that have come to see yet. However, it is expecting that 12 MP camera would be offered by Apple iPhone SE 2. Selfie camera would also be the part but we are also not sure about selfie camera.

The hardware of Apple iPhone SE 2

When it comes to hearing about the advancements of other specs then it was also expecting that the hardware would also come with the latest features. Well, we are failed in getting the exact value and features of hardware but the rumors and suggestions are saying that we are going to experience A13 Bionic processor. This processor will make the phone as powerful as the iPhone 11. Moreover, it is also rumored that iPhone SE 2 is coming with 64GB storage capacity and 3GB RAM.

Price and Release Date of Apple iPhone SE 2

It is announcing that Apple is going to offer the cheapest handset in 2020 and it is expecting that the phone will be available under £400. It is announced that the mobile phone would officially be released in March 2020. However, the exact date has not announced yet and we would offer our users the exact or final date as seen as it would be declared by the authority.


From the above discussion, it becomes clear that Apple is going to offer a sequel of iPhone SE which would be more efficient than iPhone SE concerning its specs. However, we cannot give a guaranteed statement about the above-mentioned specs. All these are rumored that may or may not be true. Well, for further updates until the final release of Apple iPhone SE 2 keep visiting mobilecorner.