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Apple May Possibly Delay the iPhone 12 Release Date

We recently covered that Apple could ship its new iPhone 12 without earphones. Now there is news that the company may possibly delay the iPhone 12 release date. Traditionally, Apple has launched its flagship mobile phones in September but there might be an exception this time. The recent leaks and rumours hint that the iPhone 12 might not be on sale in September 2020.

The leaks and speculations suggest that the release date for the iPhone 12 has been pushed back. The only question tech geeks are talking about right now is by how long Apple would delay the launch.

This news was reported by GizChina and the declaration from analysts of Cowen, a financial services firm. According to this claim, Apple may possibly push back the iPhone 12 release date at least two months. This means that we should expect the new flagship iPhone in November or December rather than in September.

Why Apple is delaying the iPhone 12?

The obvious reason behind this delay is the ongoing pandemic, which has disturbed the manufacturing schedules. The disruption in the supply chain has caused a delay and so, Apple has decided to push back the release date for iPhone 12.

Possible release dates

Although the recent pandemic is affecting the manufacturers, there is news that suggests the iPhone 12 release date might not be delayed. In short, the news about this delay is few and far between. Then there are some who believe that the delay is confirmed but it would only push back the release date to October.

However, a November release date isn’t unlikely, considering the disruption in the supply chain. The iPhone 12 may possibly be the last big flagship phone of 2020 after the Pixel 5, which are expected to be released in October 2020. Some leaks also

Whatever, Apple’s plans are, we’ll find out soon for sure and let you know. The company usually informs 2 weeks before a launching event, so we’ll have to wait for now.