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Apple Might Ship the Upcoming iPhone 12 Without Earphones

The handset is not the only thing that you get when you open the box. When you purchase your new smartphone, you also get accessories, such as headphones or a fast charger. However, Apple is trying to follow a totally different approach.

According to the rumours, Apple has decided to ship the upcoming iPhone 12 without earphones. This is an unusual decision as Apple usually offers its iPhones with EarPods wired headphones. The reason might be that Apple is trying to sell the AirPods to its customers.

What are EarPods?

Apple's EarPods are passable pieces of tech and the aforementioned wired headphones that users plug into the Lightning Port. These aren’t feature-rich accessories and don’t provide high-quality audio. EarPods are basically meant for those iPhone users who don’t care or need about them but like the idea of having such an accessory.

How we know this

This rumour comes from a well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who keeps an eye on Apple devices. As per his comments, the company is trying to increase the sale of its AirPods in 2020. And tweaking the iPhone 12 extras is one of Apple’s key strategies to improve sales.

By removing these extras from the upcoming iPhone 12 boxes, Apple is trying to urge users to buy its wireless EarPods. Right now, AirPods 19 and AirPods Pro are the latest models, but the company might release a new model as well.

Is this a good change?

At first, this decision seems like Apple is being greedy and looking to poach extra profit. However, this might not be true and purchasing the true wireless EarPods might be a good investment in the long run.

The iOS users love to stick to the ecosystem while most iPhone 12 buyers would be upgrading their iPhones. This simply means that most of the iPhone users already have EarPods and only a few would be buying the product.

Nevertheless, this is a bold move that Apple is making only to sell a few thousand EarPods units. We don’t know yet how the iOS users will react to this change.