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Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Camera Offers a Special ‘Close-Up Zoom’ Mode

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra has a more powerful main camera as compared to 12MP cameras on the Galaxy S20+ and S20. It is capable of capturing powerful zoomed-in pictures, thanks to its high-resolution 108MP sensor. However, it also has its limitations and isn’t perfect in every aspect.

The main camera of Galaxy S20 Ultra is less efficient when it comes to close object focusing. It is less capable than Galaxy S20 and S20+ cameras due to a longer focal length. In simple words, the main camera on the S20 Ultra doesn’t allow you to capture a close object without losing focus. Another drawback is that this is something that you cannot correct with software.

However, Samsung has tried to cover this weakness with a new camera function in its latest update.

A macro mode lacking a macro camera

This new camera function of Galaxy S20 Ultra is sort of a macro mode. The S20 Ultra will show a switch ‘Use close-up zoom’ when its main camera cannot properly focus, as you get too close to an object. When you choose the switch, the zoom level will be set to 1.5x.

This simply means that you can capture close-up images of objects without bringing your phone close to the objects. This is a trick that most people are already using, and Samsung’s zoom toggle has just turned it into an automated process.

The purpose of this zoom switch is to help those users who don’t know about this trick already. Also, by hinting the user to move away from the object, this feature helps to maintain proper focus. Thus, you can capture clear, sharp macro images at 1.5x zoom without compromising image quality, thanks to the 108MP sensor.

Why other variants lack this feature?

Surprisingly, the reason why other variants (Galaxy S20 and S20+) lack this feature is that they have better autofocus tech. Although the non-Ultra variants can capture objects at 1.5x magnification, the image quality would be reduced.