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Google’s Ban On Huawei Could Actually Be A Good Thing For Company

 Google has been forced to suspend its services for Huawei, a Chinese tech giant, under the recent executive orders by the US government. Under this executive order, Google will not be able to do business with Huawei in the future. The Chinese tech giant is not able to get the services of the operating system and other services including apps and software from Google. However, currently through a temporary license the operating system on an Android Open Source Project is using by Huawei. But, Google also revealed a deadline for this temporary agreement or license according to which this is available until August 19, 2019. So, the Huawei users are to inform that in future they will not be able to use the Android operating system and other services in the upcoming devices.


The Executive Order Is Unfair    


With such a great contributor, Huawei, the ending ties on the basis of an executive order from Donald Trump, the president of the US is absurd and totally unfair. US government is trying to ban the business or trade activities with China and it is on the basis of the claims that are unclear and without proper evidence. It shows that the US government is doing unfair activities to hurt China and its growth. Huawei clearly claims that it is a private company and it is not a government based company and no one can deny this claim by Huawei.


Huawei, A Great Contributor


In the past time, for the development and growth of Android and smartphone industry, Huawei has made potential contributions. An ecosystem has made by them by which the users and industry both were getting benefited. In 2018, Huawei has become the 2nd largest smartphone making brand. It is competing with top and luxurious mobile phones running throughout the world.


To improve the networks and mobile hardware the company has also spent millions of dollars and it has done just to offer help to the telecom industries to grow. To such a contributor, putting an executive order, it is seeming that we are neglecting all the services this has made in the past for the tech society.


A New Operating System


Huawei is truly a good brand and it would not easily go down. This clash brings the new opportunity for the company to develop its own operating system not only for getting the solution of this problem but also to beat Google’s Android system in Future. So, under such circumstance, Google is going to be stuck with a huge competition. The Huawei Company says that they were already planning for their own Operating System for about 6 years ago.


Privacy Issues of Google


The privacy scandals of Google and Facebook are wildly infamous among the masses. A web tool was discovered in Google Accounts with the name of “Purchases”. The tool puts together the list of all your online purchases and the tool does not allow you to delete these purchases without deleting the email account.

Moreover, data breaching controversy of Facebook is coming to see. From millions of accounts the personal data is selling out to the third parties and it is still unfamiliar news.