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Google Has Finally Added The Dark Mode To Its Mobile Search App

Well, what we can say, dark has become the new sexy these days. Several software developers are adding a dark mode to their apps for better user experience. The latest software development company to do so is the tech giant Google.

Google has been the dark mode options to its apps and finally, the company has added its mobile search app to this list. Right now, both Android and iOS users can use this option on their smartphones. By opting for the dark mode option, smartphone users can enjoy darker tones.

There was news that the company is beta testing for dark mode in the search apps. Unfortunately, it took a while, but Google has now finally taken the big step. The dark mode has been unleashed publicly for all mobile phone users

Can you access it right now?

Although the dark mode is out there, you may not see the darker tones on your smartphone. Google has announced that the rollout might take time, probably a week. However, we are expecting that this won’t take more than a few days. If the dark mode hasn’t landed on your smartphone, it will be on before Friday.

However, in order to run the dark mode, your device must have the latest respective operating system. In the case of Apple devices, it is iOS 12 and if you are an Android user, you must have the Android 10 version installed on your smartphone.

What the dark mode has to offer?

Google search will automatically detect the dark mode if you have enabled it and will switch to the dark mode. However, users can also control things manually on their devices.

How to use the dark mode manually

Smartphone users can disable or enable the dark mode manually if your mobile operating system doesn’t have the dark mode.

To control this manually, just go to the 'More' button on your Google search app and open 'Settings'. After that, select the 'General' section and here you will be able to select your desired them. You can change the theme manually between 'System Default', 'Light' or 'Dark' mode.