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Google Might Launch a Sliding Foldable Mobile Phone

Google is eagerly working to enlist its name as a top smartphone brand. The Pixel series is a clear sign of this aim. Not only Google is trying to catch up with Samsung and Apple, but it is also working on future smartphones.

Several patents have surfaced in the past few months indicating Google’s firm goals. However, a recent patent has revealed that Google is now trying to manufacture a foldable phone with a unique display design.

Google’s foldable smartphone patent

According to PatentlyApple, a site that closely watches patents that tech giants file, has spotted a unique patent design. As per Google’s patent application which the company filed in the US Patent Office, it is working on an "electronic device with flexible display".

This is not mere news as the patent reveals detailed diagrams of a foldable phone. This foldable smartphone is a little different than foldable phones that we have seen so far. And its design is the thing which makes it stand out as a foldable mobile phone.

Although Google has filed this patent in October 2018, the patent was recently published publicly on April 30, 2020.

Patent details

The patent details a foldable phone that has a flexible display. Images in the patent show a device that has a complex circular hinge system. In another image, we can see a display that features a pull-out section, offering a larger display.

the patent stated with referring to the diagram that: "the distance (212) is a calculation of how close to or far from the hinge the body member has slid... For instance, the distance can be shorter when the electronic device is in a closed state…”

A foldable Pixel device?

According to the patent files by Google, this upcoming device can be considered a tablet or a smartphone. This simply means that Google is covering its product and don’t want people to know what it is developing.

Hopefully, we may see such a sliding foldable phone or tablet very soon. Stay tuned to our blog as we’ll be sharing more on this topic.