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iOS 13 Preview: The Night Mode, the death of 3D touch and Much More is Coming To See


The latest version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 13, is, somehow, far away from its official release. But, the users who want to taste the new features of this operating system on an early basis has finally provided with the first beta version. However, with a bit of risk, this beta version does come because beta version is not the actual software and it is also not a wise to use the beta version on your main smartphone.


But, in case you do not like to switch your smartphone to beta version but at the same time you are longing to know the latest features of this new coming operating system, then you are to inform that we are here for your complete convenience. We have discovered the latest features of this new coming operating system and grabbed here for you.


A Night/Dark Mode


The new operating system is offering the black and dark mode to the users. The users always showed a wish for an alternative theme to the intense white background theme. And, no doubt, it really looks cool when your smartphone shows a dark or black background.


This dark mode can be activated permanently or it can work automatically switching with the day-night cycle. Moreover, there is no effect of this operating system on any other 3rd app.


Cursor Control Is More Efficient


The feature of a touchpad-like keyboard is still existing in this operating system. With a single motion of your finger, you can easily drag the text cursor. The cursor is much more innate, fluid and friendly to use. It is not more going to stuck in weird places. The improvements in this feature are very and you are going to receive a much better experience than before.


Swipe Keyboard


One of the main and common features which was absent in the iPhone operating system for years ago was swiping the keyboards. But, now, this newly coming operating system is going to offer you the feature of swiping keyboard. It is more convenient than before and friendly to use enough that you can use with your one hand.


Me in Emoji   


The iPhone operating system offered customizable emoji to the users. But, you are, now, allowed to make a digital emoji of yourself with advanced options and send it to your loved ones.


There are tons of options to play such as hairstyle options, piercing options, more face parts options, more shades options you can now find through this newly introducing operating system.


Advanced Siri


We have experienced that the voice assistant of Siri in the iPhone was bit robotic and the competitor such as Google voice assistant is much stronger than the iPhone. But, iPhone has reworked on its algorithms and advanced changes have made the Siri is much better than before. So, it will not more be pointed and the reason for laughing by the users.


The users are to inform that these features are not the whole story. Instead of this, you can find some other extra or exceptional features including improved 3D touch, photos reviews, and the finding app, etc. through this operating system.