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LG Is Planning To Launch Foldable Smartphone with Transparent Display

For a long time it’s been rumored that LG is working for a foldable smartphone. At the same time, it was also expecting that the debut of a foldable set will come to see in 2019. But, a smartphone with an attachable display, LG V50 thinQ, revealed by LG in 2019. But, LG also confirms that the planning for the foldable smartphone has not ditched and users will find soon a foldable device.

Now, another thing is coming to hear that LG is working for the foldable smartphone the one half of which will be appearing with a transparent display. However, another half will be comprised of an opaque section which will be a house of internal components.

Another mentionable thing is that transparency will be employed by a controller. But, it is not yet confirmed how the transparency will be controlled. Whether it could be a software programming to control it or the use of button will be become possible for this feature. There might be a sensing unit will also appear for the folding and unfolding of the display or device. The portion of the first display will get an extension beyond the end of the second portion of the device, reported by the latest patents.

The first concept of a foldable device with a transparent display unveiled by LetsGoDigital, it is also declared by the latest patents’ applications of LG Company. However, the design which the phone is going to show will totally be dissimilar with the foldable device LG launched back in 2017. The device will be futuristic and radically different from all other currently running devices. The exceptional concept the company is going to offer to the users.


The device will enter mass production in the first place and might never be a reality, it is high chance coming to see. But, it is saying that the concept will be appealing and certainly innovative than that of the Samsung Galaxy Foldable Device and Huawei Mate X.

No doubt, Samsung and Huawei are the brands who gave a distinctive way of thinking to people through exceptional devices in recent times. However, both these devices are still on the way to change the world with the latest innovations and ideas. But, LG is coping with them and working to facilitate the users with something better as previous. For obtaining further details about this latest upcoming flagship by LG keep tune with us. LG is the mobile phone brand which every time comes with the latest innovations.

A foldable device concept revealed by the company a long time ago. Now, with another innovation of transparency in the display is another exceptional concept which has ever seen before and LG is the founder of this concept. However, it is not yet confirmed that when the device will come to launch and rule on the markets. We are just waiting for the official release date by the company. Furthermore, it is also not yet confirmed that what price range will come to see for this device.



photo credit:USPTO/LG