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New iPhone SE: Is it Finally Happening?

Most of us have been waiting for the new iPhone SE for so long. We’ve heard the rumours so many times and once again, there are speculations about a new iPhone SE. The iPhone SE was launched by Apple over four years ago, but the company stopped manufacturing it in 2018. It was not a hit but its features and value over price have earned this smartphone devoted followers. Unlike other discontinued iPhones, Apple never launched an upgrade or replacement for the SE.

Rumours of a second iPhone SE phone have always created a serious buzz among the fans.

Why iPhone Lovers Want a new iPhone SE?

The iPhone SE was a small screen (4-inch) smartphone and available for £359. It was a perfect phone for people, with tight pockets and/or small hands. The next best iPhone for such people right now is the iPhone 8, which comes with a 4.7-inch screen and costs £479.

However, the iPhone SE was not a hot cake, otherwise, Apple would have launched an upgraded SE 2 phone. But people surely had a sentimental bond with this smartphone, and we know why. Its affordable price and small screen made it popular among iPhone lovers.

Expected Release Date of iPhone SE (2020)

There have been rumours about the release of SE 2020, but they all have proven wrong so far. We already have covered the expected specs and features of SE 2020. These leaks and speculations are strongly pointing that Apple is all set to launch a successor of iPhone SE. Surprisingly, most of these rumours pointed out to the Second Quarter of 2020, specifically the month of April.

Although there is a disagreement about the date, most tech geeks think it’s 15 April. There’s a reason behind this date as Apple rarely introduce something on Friday or Monday and has never launched a product on weekends.

The analyst Jon Prosser has also mentioned this date in a tweet at the end of March 2020. The tweet indicates that Apple could announce the new iPhone SE on 15th April, whereas shipment may start from 22nd April.

Seeing these speculations and rumours, we could say that April 15 might be the lunching day of iPhone SE 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic might force the company to change the release date.