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Predictions of selling Galaxy S20 lower than Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series unveiled last month now reached to the various stores. Due to COVID-19 outbreak its not selling well as compare to Samsung Galaxy S10. COVID-19 outbreak causing reduction in subsidies by various telecom carriers.

Sources from the industries getting information that the Galaxy S20 series not doing well if we compare to the Galaxy S10 series and the reason is very much clear. As per various market watchers company reduced its orders of Galaxy S20 parts.

Samsung Wrong Estimation related to S20 Sales

Last year, comany saw pretty good sales of Galaxy S10 series in its start but second quarter was not well. Samsung estimated that the S20+ will be on top but results are not as good as the comapny estimated. The Galaxy S20 Ultra gets More than 50% of the Pre-Orders and reportedly company ordered 108MP camera sensors.

The world smartphone leadsers expected that the S10 will perform better but its the Galaxy S10+ which were most popular phone.

Since 2017 Samsung Galaxy S series sales reduced. Galaxy S5 was the model which performed very well as a sales point of view. (40 Million) But its reduced to 38 million units when S8 launched in 2017, then 32 million units of S9 sold in 2018 and 36 million units sold of galaxy s10 back in 2019.