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Report Says That Apple is Offering Surprising screen Size and Triple Camera Setup in 2019

Samsung all the time announce the flagship devices with new generation. From months ago the development of Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and XR has started. On this summer the official announcement will come to see for the users who are waiting for Apple iPhone. With one, two or more upgraded plans the mobile phones are coming to see. Predictors analyze the reputation and track records of the devices. Steve Hemmerstoffer and Ming Chi-Kuo, are the majors in giving predictions and their predictions are rising above the crowd.

Then there is Japan's Macotakara a blog offers the predictions which sometimes true and sometimes falls. But these are best in giving predictions and expectations. The predictions about Apples’ upcoming devices have also taken from these best predictors according to which the latest coming flagships devices of apple will show the following exceptional features:   

2 OLED Screens

Apple iPhone XS and X Max are the devices which come with 6.1 and 6.5-inch OLED screens respectively. Both the devices show an LCD panel of indefinite size. It has seen that Apple is further planning to increase the size of the screens for its upcoming devise.  

3 Cameras Setup

Doesn’t it seem etched in stone that iPhone is coming with triple rear cameras setup? Of course it does. So, with an exceptional arrangement of triple rear cameras setup you are going to experience the new updated iphones in 2019.

5 Variants of iPhone

In back at the beginning of 2019, it was expecting that iPhone has become ready to launch its three upcoming devices including iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. It is true that these triple devices are coming but the reality is more than that of the expectations. Because Apple doesn’t only showing its three devices but 5 variants will come to see in 2019. However, only two iPhones out of these five will be 3 cameras setup sported.

Thinner Bodies

Around 0.15 mm thinner device is coming to unveil by Apple in 2019. Now, the features that are coming to see will make a history of Apple Phones. This will be of the smartest looking and will also show the smart look those who will hold it on their fists.

Fast Charging

Smart phones if have any issue, then it is battery consumption by them. Under this situation the phones having the capacity of fast charging are the best. With USB-C ports the coming iPhones will get fast charging within less time consumption.

For now, the specs like screen and cameras are the main predictions and rumors have come to see. Anyhow, any bother alternative if come to see we will offer to the users as soon as possible. For getting further updates regarding the latest coming iPhones stay tune with us. Moreover, the users also inform that the prediction may differ with the realities so do not rely on these and just try to wait until the latest announcement by the company.