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Report Says That Asus is planning to launch the Successor to Its ROG Gaming Smartphone in 2019

A successor of ROG gaming smartphone by ASUS is planning to launch later in this year. According to the latest reports the company ASUS in collaboration with Tencent in China to promote the phone is planning to launch the latest gaming Smartphone. ASUS is known as the first gaming smartphone maker giving the best and dedicated smartphones to the world. These are the original ROG smartphones users are using with great efficiency. With liquid cooling and speed-binned Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC are used by the Taiwanese smartphone makers in the manufacturing the last gaming phone. Under the intensive gaming these qualities ensure the phone remaining cools. However, without breaking into a sweat, every game is being played by the ROG gaming smartphones. The purpose to show these features is to inform the users that the successor ROG gaming smartphone will show the advanced features than these.

It is expecting that the collaboration of the company with its partner Tencent will go longer which will launch the latest and exceptional features in future. However, to make the previously launched gaming smartphone more comfort and games supported 4,000mAh battery which supports 30W Quick Charge 4.0 had used for this smartphone. Now, the battery with more capabilities and advancement is planning to use. 

Moreover, the device was launched as 8GB RAM supported and had shown the 128 GB internal storage to make the device more comfort than the previous mobile phones. Obviously, the newly coming devices come with some advancement than that of the previously launched devices. The same case will come to see through this upcoming gaming device by ASUS. About ASUS it has shown that it is a dedicated mobile company that every time comes with the exceptional features and specs that never seen before.

Due to advancement in its products the company has become the most familiar and competitive among the smartphone brands. The company first appeared as computer Hardware Company based on USA but now it has approached to the next levels where it is offering gaming smartphones of next level generation to the world. The idea of the competitive nature of the device we can from the fact that it had shown triple rear camera same like Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS in last year.

Last year launched gaming smartphone, ASUS ROG had shown the 12 MP + 8 MP front configurations along with an 8MP shooter of selfie triple cameras setup. Moreover, it had designed in such a way that it offered the slimmest and exceptional look. Anyhow, this time it is expecting that something better will come to see by ASUS ROG gaming smartphone.

If we take a look on the last smart gaming phone then we can see that the phone came with almost $1000/£765. As we know that the latest specs than that of the previous gaming phone will come to see, then obviously the price range will also be increased by the smartphone. Users are to inform that the device with complete specs will come to see late in this year of 2019. However, they will be provided with the latest specs as these will come to see.