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Report Says That Samsung is Offering New Galaxy Fold of 8-Inches Display and S Pen

It is true that Samsung wasn’t released its First Galaxy Fold and the reports about its successors had taken birth. However, the reports from Korean news outlets are, now, confirming that Samsung is going to launch a new galaxy fold of 8-inches display with S-pen feature. Further reports and expectations are saying that in the early next year the devices will be unveiled by Samsung.

However, the company by itself hasn’t yet confirmed any news about the successor of galaxy fold. Well, if Samsung is really thinking about such a device then it will show the news soon among the Samsung lovers.

Reports are further saying that the 2nd galaxy fold will come in the same features as we have experienced a few months ago by the galaxy fold first generation. It has also been hearing that the company asked its suppliers to add S-pen support into this new galaxy fold. About the cover display, nothing has yet announced or no rumor has still come to see.

However, the first generation of galaxy fold offered a 44.6 inches external display and it the display without folding out the device. However, the overall panel of the devices completed with 7.3 inches larger display. But, now the users are going to get something better and bigger than the previous ones.

The reports are further adding by the experts who are saying that the Company has planned to discuss the device in the last of the year, 2019 and on the starting point of 2020, it officially releases the devices. This is all according to the rumors and experts’ analysis. However, it might be possible that the changes in the schedule of releasing the devices can occur.

Instead of all this, nobody is believing to invest in this Samsung galaxy the second generation until the company, Samsung, will itself confirmed the arrival of galaxy fold 2nd generation. When the users experienced first galaxy fold on April 2019 there were some possible issues came to see.

Whether the second fold will bring you into the same problems or the device is coming with complete satisfaction. No one can take the idea of this fact. But, the reports are saying that users are going to get something more special and extra this time.

However, the second galaxy fold is coming is not the whole story. The rumors are saying that Samsung is working for a series of galaxy fold mobile phones right now. These mobile phones with different display sizes and different features will come to show. Samsung is working on the more and more innovative ideas and new features that will lock your jaws once.

No doubt, Samsung always comes with this effort to facilitate its users with the features that are just into the imagery world of the users. For example, we haven’t thought that we will use the galaxy smart and foldable devices but these are now in our hands.