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Samsung Bags Three Foldable Screen Cover Patents for Upcoming Phones

There is news that Samsung has applied for three foldable screen cover patents for its upcoming phone. And it seems like the South Korean tech giant is trying to be self-supporting in foldable screen technology.

In the past, Samsung has used an Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) cover for its Galaxy Z Flip screen. While for the Galaxy Fold, the company has used a plastic film over its foldable display. However, both these screen covers were sourced as their base material was bought from other companies through the company’s display manufacturing arm.

The reason behind filing the patents

Ever since Japan put a ban on exports of polyimide film materials, Samsung is working to find new ways. The company is trying to expand the supply chain for protective covers and foldable screens. Not only Samsung has been searching for new suppliers, but the company is also been working on in-house technologies.

The film materials lab of Samsung has filed a patent with the Japan Patent Office (JPO) for polyimide film under the title ‘Poly (Imid-amide) copolymer’. It seems like Samsung is planning to use this material various protective solutions including optical discs, substrates for touchscreen panels and foldable phone screens.

Technologies Samsung is working on

Since 2009, Samsung is working on flexible screens and filing patents related to polyimide films. The reason is quite clear to us as the company is working hard on its foldable smartphones. That’s why it is trying to develop screen cover technologies on its own and as many as it can.

Right now, Samsung is working on three different protective solutions for its upcoming foldable phones. These include Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG), polyimide film and UTG + polyimide film.

Why it is so important for Samsung?

In the coming years, we are going to see a rise in the production of foldable phones. Brands who have the most efficient and effective in-house technologies are going to lead the smartphone industry. At present, Samsung is the only smartphone manufacturer who has introduced two foldable phones. Not only the company is the strongest player in this area, but it also carries the mantel.

We hope that Samsung will come up with unique screen cover ideas for foldable phones. The company’s upcoming foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold 2, is said to have an Ultra-Thin Glass instead of a plastic film.