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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review, Release Date, Specs, Price Rumors

On the arrival of 2019, we have received four new members of Galaxy S Family by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S10e, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G make the arrival of 2019 fabulous for Galaxy lovers. But, this is not the whole story. This is because, Samsung readies in launching the new flagship device of  Note series. If the manufacture will work accurately according to the it’s refresh cycle then within less than one year we will find the Galaxy Note 10 mobile by Samsung. Here are the latest rumors and specs are described that what’s new for us is bringing through Galaxy Note 10:


Galaxy Note 10-Design - Foldable Model?




Now, foldable phones have reached from imaginations to reality. If Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will come with fold technology display then it won’t less than a wonder. But there is no believed that could it be possible or not. However, it has revealed by Samsung itself that Galaxy Note 10 will not be most premium device. So, we can take the idea of the design from this shown fact by Samsung. However, much similar with Note 9, with lighter weight and slimmer bezels the device will come to look.

Galaxy Note 10-Display




How big the display of the device will come to see? It is the most common question by the users. Among the recent members of Galaxy family Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus came with 6.4 inches larger display. Galaxy Note 10 will be greater than that of S10 Plus. However, it is expecting that it will match 6.7 inches display of Galaxy S10 5G device. Might be possible it will exceed from this.


Galaxy Note 10-Hardware




A new generation of Exynos 9825 processors will be supported by Galaxy Note 10 it is one of the latest rumor. It would be faster than Galaxy S10 mobile phones because of its processor. Moreover, it would also be 5G supported. Furthermore, super-fast 12 GB RAM chips would also be one of the main features of this upcoming device. 


Galaxy Note 10-Cameras


Four rear cameras setup will be seen by Galaxy Note 10 mobile phone. A telephoto lens along with a super-wide-angle will also be the major parts of the cameras setup. It is seen that there is not much difference will some to see between Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy note 10.

Galaxy Note 10-Battery




Battery is the main point of discussion by the users while buying a smart device. The workout on a new graphene battery in the replacement of Li-lon has done by Samsung. This feature offers 45% more energy to mobile phones. Moreover, this feature provides 5 times faster than that the current tech.


Galaxy Note 10-Price & Release Date


If we take a look the Galaxy S10 mobile series then we see that from $750/£575 to $1000/£575 price ranges. As we know that the Galaxy Note 10 will be the flagship of all these mobile devices then obviously it will come as, somehow, costly than that of S10 mobile series. It is expecting that as more expensive mobile phone with price of $1,100/£843 Galaxy Note10 will come to see.