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Samsung is Working On Mate X-Like Out-Folding Smartphone and It May Be Released Before Huawei

Recently, Samsung offered a foldable smart device to the users. Just after its launching, the company revived a list of feedbacks. Most of these feedbacks were evident of the fact that Samsung has to work better if it really wants to see the survival of its foldable device. Obviously, the user wouldn’t like to buy a device of a heavy amount, such as $2,000/£1574, if he or she doesn’t allow to use the device freely or easily.

Actually, Samsung launched the foldable device too early because it wants to take the attention about the fact that Samsung is the first company that offers worlds’ first foldable mobile phone. This is because Huawei was also working on the device and Samsung did not want to take the second position.

Due to the reasonable issues in the device, the USA has banned the company completely and asked to resolve the issues in order to relaunch the foldable device in the USA. However, there are many changes Samsung has made for this device but we are not so sure that when the device will re-launch.

Besides this, the reports are saying that Huawei, a Chinese smartphone company is working on an out-folding device, Huawei Mate X, Samsung is also trying to work on the device with the same idea or structure. The reports are also saying that Samsung is trying to launch the device before Huawei.

As we know that in launching the first foldable phone Samsung tried to beat its Chinese competitor Huawei. And, now, the same desire Samsung is showing in order to beat Huawei in the first out-folding device. Both of the companies are working on the same project but we are not so sure that which company will take the first position in this matter.

However, the Mate X-like structure is not the complete focus of Samsung. The latest reports are saying that Samsung is working on more than one new foldable devices. One is an out-folding device and another will be the clamshell-like structure.

However, a few days ago the news that Samsung is working on a new foldable device with 8-inches large display and S-Pen feature was in the tongues of users.
Samsung has not yet confirmed the release date for the new folding devices.

However, Huawei, recently, revealed that in the month of September they are trying to launch an out-folding device, Huawei Mate-X. Actually, Huawei believes that inner folding or a book like structure looks more natural. So, they have planned to offer something other than natural and it should be exceptional.

But the race between Huawei and Samsung is still running and where the end will happen of this race in 2019, we are all looking for this result. All the users are to inform that for further details not only about Samsung and Huawei but the details about any of your favorite phone you can find here at mobilecorner.co.uk.