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The License of Android Has Suspended by Google for Huawei

The business between Google and Huawei, comprising on the transfer on software, hardware, and technical services, has been suspended by Google in recent times. However, through open source licensing the publically available services will still be obtainable by Huawei. The allegations are reviewing by us and we are also submitting the order, said by the company. Moreover, Google play and the security protection system of Google play protect will be available to function on the existing devices. This is said by spokespersons from Google.

What Are the Restrictions Applied On Huawei  

All the Huawei users are to inform that the currently running Huawei smartphones are still able to support apps and updates by Google. But, the next or upcoming versions of Huawei will not have the access of Google’s Android operating system. Moreover, the popular applications of Google like Play Store, YouTube and Gmail will also not be supported by Huawei mobile phones.

Furthermore, Huawei will also not be able to get the chips from Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx, and Broadcom. The supply of these chips to Huawei will not be so long, said by the chipmakers of these companies to their employees. 

What Is the Reason Behind This Happening

This is all happening due to the Trump administration. A national economic emergency declared due to which the technology and services have banned for foreign adversaries. Due to this ban, the Chinese tech giant Huawei will not be able to make business relations with US companies.

However, it is declared that it is not Google’s own choice to ban Huawei from its android services. For a long time ago the relations of these companies built up and it is still moving without any problem. But, now the company i.e. Google has been forced under the United States law to do such activity.

Huawei and Its Plans

But, this is the serious hit for Huawei mobile phones brands which is known as a Chinese tech giant. Currently, the mobile phone brand has got much popularity and the users throughout the world are happily getting the services from this mobile phone brand. It was about 32 years ago the company came into existence in 1987. Recently, the smartphones offered by Huawei were the good competitors of other smart and luxuries mobile phones including Samsung Mobile Phones and Apple iPhones.

Now, in 2019, Huawei was also planning to launch the masterpieces. Huawei Y Series, Huawei Nova Series, and Huawei Mate Series were ready to launch their descendants. But, let see what will do with this relationship in the future.

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