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The New Feature Of Galaxy S20 Will Help You to Handle Camera Easley

Samsung with the arrival of New Year is ready to show its new features through the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. In the last year, we have seen that Samsung showed the best features through the Galaxy S10 series. The features were including on hardware and software features that locked the jaws of the users. However, over the last month, the hardware features have also been revealed steadily from different sources and at the last moment, the software features have also been leaked. 

From the leaked information it is coming to hear that users can take multiple shots at one time. This new picture-taking feature is called a Quick Take and through this take, users can take pictures from different cameras by using a single press or button. The news also revealed that the user will be able to select any of the cameras from the regular camera and the ultra-wide-angle one, or ultra-wide, and telephoto to use Quick Take. 

Well, it has also seen that the feature is not so new because there are users who are already using multiple camera features. Those users will be familiar with the feature of switching the lenses at the time when the users are actually not sure that in a particular situation which lens will be better to take a photo. The rumors and leaked information are saying that the invention is not a groundbreaking invention. It was first time revealed through LG but the thing is that with the latest or updated adaptation the idea is using by the upcoming flagship device of Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

It is also coming to hear that Samsung has offered similar features that were seen in Samsung Galaxy S10 series but these features would come with more improvements. So, after hearing this amazing feature of camera i.e. multiple shots with a single press we cannot wait for any more to get a mobile phone from Samsung Galaxy S20 series into our fist to play with this switching lens feature.

Well, it has officially been announced by Samsung that in the mid of February the Galaxy S20 mobile phones are going to hit on the shelves of the big Galaxy stores. Hardly two weeks are left in the official launch of this series. So, stay calm because soon you are going to get the mobile phone into your fist. However, until the final announcement of the mobile phone the users are recommended to keep visiting mobilecorner.co.uk for any further update. However, after officially launching the mobile phone it will also be published here at mobilecorner with its complete specs and prices.