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The US Temporarily Bans Its Tech Services for Huawei

The tech world, over the weekend, became shocked when the news declared that Google under the pressure has banned its services for a Chinese tech giant, Huawei. This all happens due to the strict orders of Trump to put a blacklist on Chinese Vendors.

But, now, the Huawei has given a temporary license by the department of commerce for continuing the business with the American companies. The commerce secretary Wilbur Ross delivered a statement on Monday according to which it has seen that the temporary license was granted to the company to make further arrangements and other long term measures for the American and other foreign companies that depend upon Huawei for critical services.

The temporary license will last until August 19, 2019. The license allows the company to keep its working continues with US corporations or American companies and until the expiration of this license the current customers will be supported by Huawei. This temporary license also allows the company to sustain relationships with Google, Qualcomm, Intel, and some other related companies for releasing software updates on vacant hardware.

Well, it is considered as the good news for Huawei and other Chinese telecommunication brands to maintain their relations with other American and foreign companies. It also allows the company to make further steps for future sustainability.

But it does not mean that between America and China all the matters are going well. The temporary relationship gives them time to prepare further. But, if there would not any change will come to see between the relationship of US and Huawei then the restrictions with their full effects will go back in the future.

“The Shenzen based company warned that the US is underestimating Huawei.” This is something in response to US Huawei declared. Huawei is not an underestimating brand. It has been running for a long time ago. And, currently, the popularity of the Huawei brand has reached to such an extent that it is popular alike throughout the world. Not only China but throughout the world users are satisfied with Huawei technology and services. In recent times, the mobile phones Huawei offered were not less than wonders.

And all these smartphones including Huawei P Series, Huawei Mate Series, and others grabbed the potential attention of the users throughout the world. In the Future, more fantastic products by Huawei are coming to see. But, we do not know with the current situation what impacts will emboss on the latest coming Huawei Mobile Phones. It might be possible the release of these smartphones will delay and might also be possible Huawei will take possible steps for launching these smartphones on time.

The thing which has come to see is that Google is personally not restricting its services for Huawei Company. The relationship between Huawei and Google is old and strong relation. But, under the United States laws, Google is not facing any other situation for solving this major issue.